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Big Tech has been using AI to power their products for years. Now, you can too. Sympodial is an AI tool that allows you to bridge your company's data with large language models in a user friendly way. Ingest your company's data using easy adapters, and let that power AI experiences for your customers, employees, and partners.

Data SourcesAdd your data sources
Sympodial has adapters for many common data sources, and we're constantly adding more. See the full list here
To request a new data source, please let us know
PromptDefine a prompt template
Some of the best AI prompts are long and complex. Sympodial allows you to define a prompt template that can be used to pre-define prompts for any data source or use pattern, and only require your users to enter a few keywords to get the full benefit.
Language ModelChoose a language model to handle the interaction
We support a wide variety of large language models including OpenAI, Bloom, HuggingFace, AI21, Cohere, and Anthropic.
Sympodial is
Optimized for ease of use
Sympodial is designed to be easy to use. It's a simple, intuitive way to start leveraging the power of AI.
For small / medium business
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